Are you tired of being nickeled-and-dimed on truck camper options? Were you drawn-in by a low sticker price only to learn that the “sale” price didn’t include any of the so-called options that make a truck camper usable for its intended purpose? We thought so. That’s why, when we started to develop the Cirrus Truck Camper, we tried to put ourselves in our customers’ shoes. What would we want a truck camper to be? What features should it have? What couldn’t we live without.

After arming ourselves with this insight gathered through countless hours of interviews with customers and industry insiders, we incorporated many of these so-called “options” into our base package. We believe that truck campers should be feature rich. We don’t nickel-and-dime our customers with options. Sure, we offer a few options–but the features that you just can’t  live without are included on every Cirrus Truck Camper.