About the T@B Forum

Hello, and welcome!

As you can see, there are changes afoot with the nüCamp RV website. In fact, as our “new” name would suggest, there have been quite a few changes over the past several months that are now coming to fruition. As a company we are excited about these changes, though there will be a few growing pains during the process.

First, though, on behalf of nüCamp RV and everyone here at the factory, we want to thank you for your continued business and your loyalty to the T@B and T@G brands. Without you, none of this is possible. We appreciate each and every one of you, and we wake up every morning looking for ways to continue to improve our products and our businesses.

As you may know, last year we engaged in discussions with our friends at Little Guy Worldwide, the longtime distributor of the T@B and T@G lines of teardrop trailers. Our sincere hope was to join forces with Little Guy to operate as one company. Unfortunately, for a variety of business reasons, this was simply not meant to be. We were unable to reach an agreement, and we elected to go in different directions. Because of the close and often symbiotic nature of the relationship to this point, though, this split has resulted in some challenges that effect our customers. We apologize for any inconvenience that you may be experience during the transition period. Please rest assured that our marketing team is working nonstop to help to bridge these gaps, and we think that you will be delighted with the end product.

Of major concern to many members of the T@B community is the status of the T@B forum. This forum remains available as of this post via the web address at http://tab-rv.vanillaforums.com/. Because nüCamp RV does not control this forum (it is controlled by Little Guy Worldwide), we cannot assure community members that it will remain accessible in the future. Furthermore, since Little Guy Worldwide will no longer distribute the T@B and T@G products effective April 1, 2017, they will not be in a particularly good position to provide support to members of the T@B community via the forum. We have requested that Little Guy Worldwide transfer control of the forum to nüCamp RV, but as of the date of this post we have not received a response to this request.

For these reasons, we think it’s prudent for nüCamp RV to create a new forum accessible directly on the nüCamp RV website. We will take this opportunity to use an updated platform for the forum that will make it easier for moderators to administrate and for users to access and share information. This forum is still under development, and we plan to launch the new T@B Forum live by March 19th (at the latest). We are exploring the possibility of archiving the old forum and making it accessible via the new forum…but this presents a variety of challenges on several fronts. Please understand that we are doing everything that we can to ensure continuity to our valued community members, and we will strive to keep you updated in the coming days and weeks.

As we work to add content to the new website and get found by members of the T@B community as well as future customers, we could really use your help over the next several weeks. Search engine optimization is the art of promoting websites in the search rankings, and we could use your assistance by linking to the nüCamp RV website (http://www.nucamprv.com) and the T@B website (http://tab.nucamprv.com) from your personal blogs, websites, and any social media platforms that you use. We need to continue to tell the world about T@B and nüCamp RVand we could sure use your help to get the word out.

There are some great things going on here at nüCamp RV. We have recently expanded our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, and we would be delighted to have you pay us a visit to check out our operations. We think you’ll be impressed! We recently launched the T@B 400 to overwhelming customer demand, and the reviews have been highly positive. We will continue to develop high-quality and innovative products that incorporate suggestions and requests from members of the T@B community.


Scott Hubble
CEO, nüCamp RV